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The Story

In 1994, the Sigma Chi Foundation established the White Cross Trust to further the important work of the Foundation on behalf of the young men of Sigma Chi. The White Cross Trust represents a loyal and prestigious branch of Sigma Chi—stalwarts who truly bring honor to the White Cross we so proudly wear.

The brothers, organizations and private donors of the White Cross Trust are the backbone of the Sigma Chi Foundation. Historically, the Foundation has relied upon these distinguished individuals most devoted to increasing service and broadening the horizons of education and leadership training.


Since 2009, funding for our leadership and scholarship programs has increased at the levels listed below:

  • Horizons Individual Leadership: 7% increase

  • Balfour Leadership Training Workshop: 17%

  • Choices Alcohol and Drug education: 175%

  • Journey Chapter Retreats: 1570%

  • Cornerstone Alumni Mentoring: transitioned into other program support

  • Grand Praetor support for leadership programs: new

  • Mission 365 Values and Character Identification: new

These and other accomplishments of the Foundation are preparing the young men of Sigma Chi to be leaders in their chapters, on their campuses, and in their communities. Because of these young men, the future of Sigma Chi is bright.

The Sigma Chi Foundation is only as strong as the support of its alumni. With the help of the members of the White Cross Trust, the Sigma Chi Foundation is the strongest of its kind and will continue to educate, train and serve for generations to come.

Foundation History
The Sigma Chi Fraternity established the Foundation on November 9, 1939 as the Sigma Chi Endowment Foundation, but the idea originated as early as 1898. Read More