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A Message from the CEO of the Sigma Chi Foundation


"I give because of all that Sigma Chi's core values and ideals have meant since my initiation. No other association has given me so much."
Jack Chapin, Washington (St. Louis) 1955


I write to introduce myself as Sigma Chi Foundation's President & CEO and to thank you for your support of our important work. It is a great honor to lead our Foundation and quite humbling to follow Greg Harbaugh who retired in June 2016.

I have served Sigma Chi for nearly sixteen years, for the past ten years as our Foundation's COO & General Counsel. I have been part of an outstanding team who, thanks to the support of Brothers like you, grew our Foundation into a leader in the Greek world, a reliable partner to our General Fraternity, and a credible organization that remains worthy of your support.

I believe that Sigma Chi exists to build better men and that we will be measured by the successes and actions of the young men who join our Brotherhood. As you are likely aware, in close partnership with our General Fraternity, we have adopted a joint strategic plan that delivers a growing portfolio of values-based leadership programs, social issue training, and scholarship support to our young men. I commit to you, our stakeholders that your Foundation will be in aggressive pursuit of the resources needed to support this plan and that we will be zealous stewards of your future gifts.

On a personal note, I grew up in Asheville, North Carolina and joined Sigma Chi at East Tennessee State University, where I was honored to serve as chapter Consul. My lovely wife Bethany and I have two young children, a future Brother and a future Sweetheart, and we currently live in the Chicagoland area.

I expect to spend significant time traveling and hope to see you in person. I would be grateful for your feedback, ideas, or questions.

In hoc,

Ashley Woods
President & CEO
Sigma Chi Foundation
Foundation Objectives
Donations to the Foundation support young brothers with leadership and mentoring programs such as the Balfour Leadship Training Workshop, Journey, and Horizons. Read More